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Your Physio knows how Your Body functions and what might cause problems for you at Work.

The demands of Your Work may outdo your capacity to do the job from time to time.

Your Physio can help by assessing your posture, Recording your Movements, Identifying Muscle Tightness or Imbalance and offering a Treatment Program to help you Recover from Injury, but most importantly, Prevent It.

See Health for Work:

Albany Physiotherapy

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Lady Gaga recently revealed that she has Fibromyalgia; the Painful Condition which Affects Sleep and Energy Levels.

A few days ago, the singer said on Twitter that her upcoming Netflix documentary "Gaga: Five Foot Two" will touch on her struggles with chronic pain.

For more info on Fibromyalgia, see

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How far would you get on this little course?

This is awesome.

Freestyle-Skier Andri Ragettli playing around in training.

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NEW TECH in Medicine
Precise Diagnostic Information about what tissue to Remove or Preserve

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How Do I Know if I have Osteoporosis?
Can Men get it too?
How can I Prevent or Treat it?

Albany Physiotherapy

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Physio - Your GP's Most Recommended Health Professional

* Check this Body Chart for Your Area of Pain or Limitation

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GREAT NEWS - Have another Cuppa!

Higher Coffee Consumption associated with Lower Risk of Early Death

New research on nearly 20 000 participants suggests that Coffee can be part of a Healthy Diet in Healthy People.

Subjects were on average about 38 years old at the start of the study and were followed-up for approximately ten years.

The researchers found that participants who consumed at least four cups of coffee per day had a 64% lower risk of all-cause mortality than those who never or almost never consumed coffee.

References: European Society of Cardiology. "Higher coffee consumption associated with lower risk of early death." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 27 August 2017. and

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Contrary to popular belief, consuming a Higher amount of Fat (about 35 per cent of energy) is associated with a Lower Risk of death Compared to Lower Intakes.

However, a diet High in Carbohydrates (of more than 60 per cent of energy) is related to Higher Mortality.

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50% of children with cerebral palsy lose the ability to walk in adulthood, but this mobile robotic exoskeleton suit could change their life.
After 6 training sessions, all but 1 of 7 children showed improvement in their walking as good as, or better than corrective surgery.

A supportive exoskeleton improves gait of children with cerebral palsy. Read more at